A culinary experience reimagined, where tecnology meets convenience

Modify and manage your digital menu in real time. Customers can view the menu even without being physically in the premises.

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QR Code Scan

Customers just need to scan the QR code to see your menu.

On Your Cellphone

Menu visible on any device with internet connection.

More Hygienic

Customers use their own devices, it is more hygienic than the traditional menu.

Allergen Information

The products have information on possible allergens for customer knowledge.

What more can you expect?

Intuitive admin dashboard, can be customised and adapted for each bussines.

Online ordering never was so easy, you can define delivery and pick-up services available.

Table availability, can reflect in real time the filling status of your business.

Unlimited menus, you can customise and categorise your menu however you wish, so you can make it as easy as possible for customers

Multilingual, use your prefer languaje, you can choose between english or spanish.

Custom products, categories and their products can have their own image.

Featured products, highlights the offers of the house or discounts like a happy hour.

Customize it for your brand, add your logo, slogan, social networks and customize the SEO of your business.

How it work

  • Scan the QR code

    11 March 2020

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  • Select your preference

    19 March 2020

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  • Make the order

    15 October 2020

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